Metal Buildings

Why Choose Steel Buildings?

Large or small, from a commercial metal building to a residential shop or garage, our experienced designers and engineers will help you develop and produce the metal building that will meet your needs and your local code requirements.

There are multiple benefits to using steel. Steel is the least expensive material of all of the available construction materials.It is more impervious to all forms of weather elements and is fire resistant. Compared to other building construction, pre-engineered steel buildings will be up to 30% less to insure. Pre-engineered steel buildings are considered to be lifetime buildings. Pre-engineered steel buildings provide very low maintenance and upkeep. Steel buildings can have a clear span of 300’ wide. This gives the designer and builder an enormous space that is column free and adds the ability to satisfy complicated space designs while maintaining an unencumbered floor area. One of the most significant benefits is that the design of your building is​ ​engineered to your local code requirements meeting the local environmental needs. Easier and quicker to construct than most construction systems, the pre-engineered steel building is less labor intensive, saving money and loss of valuable occupancy time.

The power of steel makes it the ideal material for buildings requiring large open floor spaces such as arenas of all types, community centers, manufacturing and religious facilities. ​Buildings are a pre-fabricated original product that is engineered to meet your particular design, unique exterior colors, needs and wants. Your building is pre-punched, precut, pre-drilled, pre-welded, pre-fitted and prepared to be assembled upon arrival to your location.

Selecting one of the many exterior options will make the exterior of your building will look like stone, brick or stucco. You are only limited by your imagination. Your building can be dressed up with many unique doors, windows and other accessories that will serve you for a lifetime.

If you're looking for a residential or commercial steel structure, give the metal building experts at MDB Construction & Restoration Services, LLC a call today! 908-628-8010


Commercial Metal Buildings

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Commercial metal buildings can be a challenge regardless of the construction process. Today we have the capacity to exploit the essential ideas of pre-engineered steel structures (speed and low cost) and utilize them to fabricate structures that meet and surpass industry standards.

Steel building can be built 30% faster than the conventional method, they last longer, are easier to maintain and cost less to insure!

Aviation Metal Buildings

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We offer a variety of aviation metal buildings ranging from small personal hangars to large commercial hangars. Our staff of building specialists can assist you in designing the building – and door – that is right for you.

Single or multi-story climate controlled facilities with our insulated panel systems provide the best protection for items requiring strict temperature control.

Shop Metal Buildings

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Whether your shop metal building is going to be used for a repair facility, garage for your vehicle, boat, or RV, we have many options available to help you.

Shops and utility buildings require the expertise of a building specialist to ensure that they meet the needs of those who occupy them. Whether you’re building a repair facility, a garage for your vehicle, RV or boat, a workshop for designing model planes or a storage place for spare car parts, we are up for the challenge.

We have a wide variety of options available to help you create that perfect design and layout for your steel building. A building often represents a significant investment in time and money. Prefabricated steel buildings are worth every dollar that you spend on them and will reap large returns in low maintenance costs. Call our shop metal building specialists as soon as possible to begin the development process.

Industrial Metal Buildings

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For answers to all your questions regarding industrial prefabricated steel buildings, contact our building specialists today for more information.

We can offer you buildings that give you clear-span building widths of up to 250 feet. If you have a need for plenty of bay space, our Long-Bay Systems will provide you with bays up to 60 feet wide.

We can design your structure to support a variety of point loads including rooftop air handling units and crane system. If your building requires climate control, we can offer you wall and roof panels that provide some of the highest R-values in the climate control industry.

For answers to all your questions regarding industrial prefabricated steel buildings, contact our industrial metal building specialists today for more information.

Residential and Commercial Remodeling in Lebanon, NJ

The Lebanon area remodeling contractor at MDB Construction & Restoration Services, LLC specialize in complete residential and commercial remodeling solutions. Our services range from general home repairs to home remodeling to commercial remodeling and tenant improvements. We feature kitchen and bathroom remodeling, roofing, basement finishing, windows, doors, decks, insurance services, painting, and much, much more.

Our integrated approach to allows you to get exactly what you need for your home or business. Our remodeling contractor work with you through the entire process. Our expertise and reliability is combined with cost-effective design and high quality workmanship to give you control over critical decisions by reviewing all the options available.

One call to MDB Construction & Restoration Services, LLC and you'll receive the real, quality care and attention to detail that your home or business truly deserves.

Benefits of Working with MDB Construction & Restoration Services, LLC

  • Responsiveness – One call to us and we move fast to help you.
  • Reliability – Our company offers on time and on budget year round services for our Lebanon area customers.
  • Flexibility – We work around you and your environment. We are fully adaptable to your particular special needs, fully compliant with your billing procedures and can accommodate any special situation with your needed repairs and services.
  • Specialized Service – MDB Construction & Restoration Services, LLC has been doing quality Lebanon remodeling services in the area for years, and in that time we have specialized our service to give great care to our work while providing top notch customer service.
  • Locally Owned - and proud of it! We live in the local area and take pride in the work we do for all the local residents and companies we serve.

We provide the following residential and commercial services in Lebanon, NJ

We provide quality residential and commercial remodeling in the following areas around Lebanon, NJ:

Lebanon Remodeling | Glen Gardner Remodeling | Phillipsburg Remodeling | Califon Remodeling | Manville Remodeling | Alpha Remodeling | High Bridge Remodeling | Raritan Remodeling | Bradley Gardens Remodeling | Clinton Remodeling | Flemington Remodeling | Washington Remodeling | Annandale Remodeling | Somerville Remodeling | Hunterdon County Remodeling | Somerset County Remodeling | Warren County Remodeling | Morris County Remodeling | Middlesex County Remodeling | Union County Remodeling

If you are looking for a reliable and professional Lebanon remodeling contractor then please call 908-628-8010 or request service online.